Why Does The NFL Love Creed?

What, were the Redskins lifting for 10 minutes?

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 1.07.08 PM

And here I was ready to blog about Kirk Cousins essentially admitting he’s a mediocre quarterback earlier today. Kirk just out does himself. But more importantly I’m questioning the decisions the NFL has seemed to make in the past year that it’s okay to listen to Creed. I always thought Creed was one of the words that was just unspeakably and visibly made people uncomfortable and not want to be friends with you and kick you out of their basement party.

This comes after last year when the Panthers started “Creedbombing” each other. Here’s some live action.

“‘Like, are you serious? This is so cool,” Stapp said, via the Charlotte Observer. “And I just felt like, hey man, there are Creed fans on the Panthers?'” via SB Nation

Well I hate to break it to you Scott, but something tells me you find yourself at the butt end of a joke. Being huge Creed fans probably isn’t the motivation. Just like there’s probably no Seether or Dishwalla fans on the Panthers, there probably aren’t many Creed fans.


Forcibly take aux at a party and queue ‘One Last Breath’ to 1:45 when the power chords kick in and see how long it takes for you to get tossed like salad.