Only In Dreams II: The Killers

I feel like a proud father.

It’s been about a year since I began the Only In Dreams series, and this is the first repeat band. I think the dream of making seeing The Killers every summer a tradition should be the preeminent dream at hand, but I think the rule of thumb is that it has to happen three times to be a tradition (unless you’re from Quincy, with their whole “two presidents” bullschlocken).

Regardless here we are, at the “Van Chase” level with the Killers. If I’m driving the van and Brandon, David, Mark and Ronnie are in the back, then who’s trying to kill us? It can’t be the Killers; they’re (here) with me, and instead of waiting to hit the water why don’t we dive right in.


1. ‘Sam’s Town’ + ‘Enterlude’

2. ‘When You Were Young’

Supporting the theme here, I literally experienced this in a dream. It’s the only thing short of seeing a naked girl that my dirty mind has manifested during my REM sleep cycle that I so solemnly desire in reality. I’m still salty they didn’t do it at Firefly last summer, but you know what they say: dreams come true (@BrandonFlowers, The Desired Effect), especially on it’s 10-year anniversary.



3. ‘Spaceman’

4. ‘Somebody Told Me’

These two were early in the setlist last time, and if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Just let it riiiiiide.




5. ‘Bling (Confessions Of A King)’

6. ‘Shadowplay’

Is 9 years too early to say this is a top 5 cover song of all time? Miles Teller ahead of the original, although I’m sure Joy Division fanboys who haven’t moved on from Ian Curtis’ death 36 years ago would strap me naked to a poll and slap my nipples with nitroglycerine before making like the Wombats.



7. ‘Joy Ride’ – with Bono

Because Brandon Flowers 100% held Bono at gunpoint and forced him to hand over every shred of recorded thought processes that went into this song. Also might lift the mood slightly.

8. ‘A Dustland Fairytale’

Nothing better than a love story that no one except white girls between the ages of 12 and 40 can relate to (see entry on Luke Bryan).

9. ‘Why Do I Keep Counting?’

I’m not sure where I stand on the two-days-older-than-dirt debate that people who watch porn every few days are only feeding their addiction and not just getting a moment’s release. It’s one of those perpetual paradoxes like man’s existence and nicotine that I’ll never understand.

10. ‘Change Your Mind’

11. ‘Read My Mind’

This is another dirty trick that I’m gripping tighter than my devotion to not giving up “suh dude.” Unless you have a daughter named gullible, you can figure out why.



12. ‘Runaways’

13. ‘This Is Your Life’

Fun fact, not only is this my favorite Killers song, but it’s also the only song I’ve heard live that’s made me cry like the American Idol Sanjaya girl.



14. ‘Mr. Brightside’

15. ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ + ‘Exitlude’

They opened with ‘Mr. Brightside’ last time and I’d be about as shocked as a Magnemite if they did it again. But here on the second level, it goes here because dreams. I like ATTTID as the main set closer, builds hype.




Here’s where things get interesting. It was recently announced that Mark Stoermer has quit touring with the Killers but will still play at certain shows, I guess whenever he feels like it. Anyone who knows me knows I was quite despondent about the lack of Jenny last year, even going to Brandon’s solo tour to hear a limp dick rendition. But to be honest, I’m not sure I care to hear it without Mark there, seeing as he wrote the bassline and puts the crowd in cuffs with his live bass slapping on the track.

16. ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’ (with Mark) / ‘Losing Touch’ (without Mark)

This is a hell of a trade off. Multiple times I’ve taken such bad shits that I could’ve lain a tennis racquet over the toilet and the strings are completely clean (sign #1 of a night out) before being hit with the appalling revelation that the TP roll is as bare as my ass. Reaching for the roll in the next stall is so out of reach even Mr. Fantastic doesn’t stand a chance, the caveat being that I either have to soil my underwear making a move to the next stall or soil my social life by phoning a friend to play FedEx. Sometimes external factors such as battery life, lack of phone to begin with, wearing a nice pair of underwear, or being in my bath robe make one option or the other either unavailable or more accessible. And that’s the lesson here.



17. ‘This River Is Wild’





18. ‘Battle Born’

Great closer no matter what you think of the album. Makes Kimbrel look like Buchholz. If it’s at all possible to get Bruce Springsteen here that would be ideal, but beggars can’t be choosers… but dreamers can be believers.