Patriots Release Two More Big Names

Yesterday E.J Biggers, Bear Pascoe, Frank Kearse and Donald Brown were sent packing, and today it’s Nate Washington and Bryan Stork boarding the Boohoo bus. It’s also only 10:30 am at the time of the writing, and there’s plenty of room on the Boohoo bus.

Side Note: I apologize to all my reader for the lack of coverage on those cuts. There was a debacles with a blinker and a mechanic that angered me enough yesterday. The just of those cuts was one Bear Pascoe has an AJ Derby problem, Donald Brown was always injured and has a Tyler Gaffney problem, and the other two just suck.

Nate Washington was a no-brainer cut . The Patriots have more depth at WR than the Mariani Trench. Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, and Slater are obviously making the team. I’m guessing Keshawn Martin and Aaron Dobson land the other two spots, with Malcolm Mitchell starting the season on the PUP and Chris Harper headed to the practice squad (if he clears waivers, which he will after Harper’s Muff.)

Stork was a fat guy on thin ice. The only reason he was kept around for so long was his versatility, but the training camp squabbles he caused plus injury issues obviously forced Bill’s hand. This thrusts the C position up into the air. David Andrews is next on the depth chart, but Ted Karras and Josh Kline have been getting reps as well. We’ll have to see how that one unfolds. Maybe Stork can build a third party child-delivering business.

And then there were 81. One thing about Bill is that he’ll courtesy cut veterans, i.e. he’ll cut them right when he knows they aren’t making the team. That’s what’s happened with Brown, Pascoe and Washington, and whispers are that Pot Roast could be next. I said the Boohoo bus had space, but I don’t know about that much space.