Folks, All But One ‘Westworld’ Fan Theory Was Confirmed Tonight

Imagine being Jonathan Nolan. You’ve spent years on the script for this little show based off a concept from a movie that came out 40 years ago. You’ve sculpted dialogue that gives little tips and nods to huge plot points, such as a non-linear timeline, on-the-fly flashbacks and a main character being robot version of another character who is only spoken about, who’s only exposure to the viewer is in gossip-like whisperings of his godliness, who we actually do see and trick ourselves into not seeing… and then have a website predict the entire thing after one episode of the series.


I speak Westworld’s subreddit r/Westworld, who’s crazed members were on this shit like Colin Kaepernick is on a knee every time the National Anthem plays. Guys were one step ahead at all times. But just as a quick recap of tonight’s episode:

  • Bernarnold confirmed
  • Non-linear storyline confirmed
  • Dolores killed Arnold
  • Teddy shot up the same town as Dolores
  • Blaze of glory robot sex
  • Bernard killed Elsie (and himself, RIP)
  • Stubbs is taken by Ghost Nation

And 99% confirmed:

  • William = MiB

The photo of Logan’s sister being the same photo as the one Abernathy finds on his farm, the reveal that the Man In Black is on the Delos board… William’s future and the Man In Black’s past are so close to lining up. Also note how Dolores says, “…William?” right before the Man In Black walks into the church. These writers don’t just do shit like that.

  • Dolores = Wyatt

The town Teddy shoots up looks exactly like the town Dolores shot up, and is per the presence of Greetings Host/Crazy Woods Host. We just don’t physically see Teddy or Dolores in either one’s flashback, so I guess it’s not “confirmed.”

One episode left. One of the greatest seasons of TV ever. Assuming William = MiB comes this week, this is going to be R + L = J level of satisfying.