Nudes Reviews: Westworld Season 1 Leaves it all on the Field in Finale


Last night HBO aired the 90 minute season finale to their hit sci-fi drama ‘Westworld’ from the mind of Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher. Nolan’s knack for deep, involved storylines and a need to cause a extenential crisis runs in the family. There will be NO SPOILERS in this review, but if you want your mind to be blown week in and week out, I sincerely suggest you check this show out.

For scale, I’ve watched The Walking Dead every sunday night since 2010 when the show aired (barring any military obligations) and 2 weeks ago I changed that, after squadding up to watch the Walking Dead at my house like we have for years, the squad gathered at Stitched Up creator John Andersen and recurring Podcast AF guest Kevin Andrew’s humble abode to watch Westworld for our primetime Sunday night.This is the show that drew us away  from the Walking Dead. Each episode of Westworld means something, so far there has been some odd episodes of the Walking Dead, only one of which has contained a significant event (the premiere). I’m sorry, but I’d much rather skip the episode dedicated solely to Tara, a side character I couldn’t give less of a shit about, with about 25 minutes of commercials and Chris Hardwick fappin’ to the episode after the fact.

I’m getting off topic, ANYWAY, each episode of Westworld is another piece to the puzzle, there are no filler episodes, it is a like a 10 hour movie that has arguably the most enthralling narrative ever to be shown on TV. If you wanna have even more fun, the fan theories on reddit make things extra interesting, like R+L=J from Game of Thrones on steroids. Season 2 isn’t coming until 2018 because of the large scope of filming, so everyone has plenty of time to catch up, and when you do, pay careful, close attention, nothing is a coincidence.

Let me know what y’all think and remember, “these violent delights have violent ends”. 🙂