Nudes Reviews: Alien: Covenant

Hmm. hmm. hmmmmm. Well isn’t this a cool horribly violent little gem. Might we have the next great Alien movie? Only thing I’m worried about is the lack of star power here, I see Michael Fassbender but anyone who watched Prometheus knows he’s an android in this and that’s about it. I heard James Franco is on the billing and I swear I saw Danny McBride as the pilot of the Covenant lmao ( just checked, it is McBride, that’s awesome). I also spy Billy Crudup in there. Other than the cast, the visuals look amazing and more or less an advanced version of Prometheus’s visuals.

    We are getting BLOODY, I put that red band trailer up there on purpose because we are all adults here. We are about to see a xenomorph slay bodies and we even got a sexy shower murder sequence that every 80’s horror movie had. I’m cautiously excited, I’m giving the edge to Blade Runner 2049 by a mile, but I’ll wait and see. Horror and sic-fi hold a special place in my heart, especially when it’s a two for one package.