Nudes Reviews: Rogue One


    The newest entry in the Star Wars universe is a spinoff of sorts that revolves around the team of rebels that secures the plans to the Death Star that are so crucial to it’s destruction at the hands of Luke Skywalker in Episode IV (spoilers, v srry).

SO this was directed by Gareth Edwards, the guy who remade Godzilla, another movie that is widely loved and hated all at the same time, and in a strange way, this follows a similar arc. People bitched and moaned about Godzilla saying it was too slow and basically teased us the wholeeee time only for the third act to completely rock our socks off and gives me goosebumps to this day. The first act of Rogue One suffers in a similar manner, as fellow writer and DJ Qualls look-a-like Brendan Fitzpatrick said after viewing “First half stunk, wayyy too much exposition”. I have to agree, although it is understandable seeing how this movie has almost entirely new characters and we have to be introduced to each one, but we felt it could’ve done better. The second act was better but still left something to be desired.

The films third act was stunning, the climactic battle sequence was amazing and fit the film very well. There is a scene towards the end with Darth Vader (not really a spoiler, he’s in the movie at times throughout) that was the equivalent of Godzilla ripping that fuckin things head off after breathing fire down it’s throat. This brief scene alone was worth the price of admission.

Gareth Edwards could be one of Hollywood’s best directors in the coming years if he switches things up a little and makes his third acts comparable to the first two in his movies, he’ll be there. Keep at em Gareth. I’ve also heard rumors that this film was heavily altered from his original vision, which could explain some of these complaints.

Also there are at least two CGI humans in this movie, one is so good that I couldn’t decide wheather it was real or not, the other is painfully painfully obvious. Yikes.

Check out my next article on the new trailers for famous movies from the 80’s that are getting sequels. Nudes out.