RIP In Peace: Stitched Up FM

No one should have to bury their own child. As a nation we saw what happened to Debbie Reynolds just last week. I’m not a parent but from what I’ve gathered you’re also not supposed to pick a favorite child, and I don’t know what says “I like that one better” than literally dying on your other kid after declaring that you want to be with the other one. But I digress.

Folks I’m here today to announce the death of my second child: the conglomerate formerly known as Stitched Up FM. You may have seen the cryptic messages I cryptically posted to out social media page, especially this one:


During this time period our social media entered a period of dormancy, similar to that of when any band (most notably The 1975) shut down their social media accounts, which is a dead giveaway to them being done with an album. Except with something like this blog no one knew what it could be. “Are they releasing an album?” “Are they going on tour?” “What the fuck is this account and why do I follow it?” “Did John get into another Twitter fight with Shawne Merriman?”


Well the period of dormancy ends tonight folks. All that’s happened is that the AF pun was something we decided to embrace. We originally were going to rename the site “Blog AF” but that domain name was taken, and don’t go to it because it redirects you to a site that tries to slip you a virus. So when I saw was available, I decided you know what, I don’t want to run all those social media accounts anyway. This way there’s just the website, a Twitter account (@Podcast_AF) the Facebook page, and a newly minted Instagram account (@podcastasfuck) that we’ve been posting random shit we find/some crap I made.

But the biggest reason of all was my desire to just have the whole thing be weirder. And that color scheme on the front page is weird… AF.

So that’s that. We’ll be here doin’ our thing.

Oh and don’t forget about the podcast. It’s on iTunes and Sound Cloud.