COLUMN: Marshfield High School’s Administration Is A System Administration


I’m anticipating considerable traffic to this post judging by the success of pot-stirring posts regarding a certain bagel shop and other town-oriented posts in Quincy and Melrose that resulted in countless comment section arguments. So just a quick DISCLAIMER: I really don’t care. The bottom line is that y’all click on this crap which allocates the smallest amount of power ever to people like me, which goes straight to my head like when Dwight was put in charge of picking the new health care plan.


This small amount of power creates a platform of sorts; a platform that I could easily do nothing with. But then I think back and I remember THIS, I remember putting my hand through a table saw and how the administration all of the sudden sucked up to me like Dwight to Michael (looks like we’re going heavy on Office references folks), I remember breathing in asbestos for four years and probably knocking 15 years off my life, I remember being late ONCE in four years and being told, “Next time, it’s a detention,” by the same woman that the entire student body actively referred to as “Hall Pass Nazi” because she was the modern day Edward Rooney chasing Ferris Bueller around town because he dipped out the back door during last period cafe study, or was walking 20 feet to take a piss because the teacher didn’t realize they’d be sending the student into an Orwellian gauntlet of having Big Brother (Sister in this case) breathing down their neck while they try to piss out their morning coffee just because they didn’t sign a glorified post-it note.

[I apologize to the wonderful English department, namely LO and BF, for that run-on sentence that has John Knowles writing coming-of-age novels in his grave.]

So in a time like this when I see the administration of my alma mater being openly ridiculed on social media, do I defend them?


Folks some men aren’t looking for anything logical like public support, content athletes, a handful of state championships, hundreds of wins, or thousands of student-athletes impacted in the deepest way by one man who preached responsibility, accountability, loyalty and teamwork; some men just want to watch the world burn.


This brings me to the point of this: MHS’ administration is a system administration. It’s a classic “plug-and-play” system, almost like the Patriots with Tom Brady or the Texans with JJ Watt. It’s become clear that the system around them is set up in a way so that anyone in their position can succeed. Much in the way the Broncos defense led them to a Super Bowl victory despite Peyton Manning, Marshfield’s teachers and coaching staffs lead them to students who enjoy high school in spite of the administration (that, and several remote locations in the town with a convenient amount of tree cover that make for great underage boozing spots). In my fours years I can honestly say there was maybe one teacher that I truly did not like (and zero coaches). If I had gone through this school without the history and english departments (not to exclude some of my other favorites, you know who you are) and ALL of my coaches, I would’ve been like Cam Newton this year who didn’t have the defense to bail him out.

Coach Silva being told, “the school’s preference was to have the head football coach in the building,” is like the phrase “2 + 2 =5,” since it is now the official position of the administration and we are expected to believe it, even though the expedient explanation should be, “We don’t want you anymore,” or “2 + 2 = 4.”

Anyone who recognizes part of that as the Radiohead song, itself a reference to “1984,” click THIS LINK to see my top 10 albums of 2016, including Radiohead and not the goddamned 1975.

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It’s no secret to people that Coach Silva had become more of a figure head in recent years, really only dealing with special teams. But the impact he’s had on THOUSANDS of students in his 35+ years is unparalleled in this day and age of coaches being fired because the wind blew the wrong way. The point is to let the man retire on his own terms and hail him as the community hero he is, instead of giving some bogus explanation that’s essentially Donald Trump shouting “fake news” at the CNN reporter the other night.

Yes, I wrote this because people are going to click on it, and I know that. I know it won’t actually change anything. No matter how much you or someone else gives and impacts lives and cares for others, people are always going to be self serving and that sentiment has almost become self-aware because it proves itself time and time again, from the local to the global level. And it’s the good people like Coach Silva that get screwed while others retain their mantle. It’s funny that they open up the head coaching position, but they can’t open up themselves for comment. Do unto yourself as you do unto others. Jesus said that.


Folks that wraps this up, I’m just gunna leave a bunch of other crap we do down here, and if you noticed the absurd amount of The Office, Batman and NFL references, that should be a dead giveaway to what this place is about.

Oh and when you comment, do realize I can see the email address you enter.


Nice try though. Patriots playoffs preview later tonight/tomorrow morning. That Brady thing was satirical btw.

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