Nudes Reviews: Patriots Day


     So this past weekend brought us the third film from the Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg duo. There is a recurring theme in these movies, besides the Mark Wahlberg playing the hero factor. Each movie is made on a relatively reduced budget and tries to respectively portray the events of a recent tragedy. In 2014 it was doomed 2005 “Operation Red Wings” portrayed in “Lone Survivor”, in 2016 it was the 2010 oil rig disaster in “Deepwater Horizon”, and now just two weeks into 2017 we have “Patriots Day” obviously based off the Police investigation and manhunt for the two men who bombed the Boston Marathon in 2013. People have argued that it’s insensitive to make a movie of these events so soon after they occurred. Having seen the movie, I disagree.

You can say what you want about Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg, but you can’t say they aren’t patriots. Lone Survivor is the book that inspired me to join the military and pursue it was a career. Berg read the entire book in one sitting and lobbied hard for it to be made, agreeing to make multiple movies for the studio in order to get the movie made. MY POINT is that Berg and Walhberg aren’t assholes looking to make a buck over a national tragedy, especially one that occurred in Wahlberg’s backyard.

 The movie isn’t gonna win any Oscars, and it doesn’t try to. It’s a surprisingly inspiring spin on a tragedy that united the city that is unlike any other on Earth. Boston is always treated in a different light in movies, and it’s always that of a close-knit diverse city. The movie isn’t all Wahlberg either, it follows multiple characters who’s lives were effects that day, including Officer Sean Collier. I expected to cry during this movie but it wasn’t a tear jerker, more of a “fuck yeah” movie when we get those assholes that fucked with our city, along with some touches of great humor. There’s also a very touching compilation at the end of the movie that had the entire theater clapping and cheering.

If your question is whether or not you should see this movie, I recommend it,  but if you have no interest in seeing it (like friend of the Podcast Kevin of Medford, MA just outside the city) then I can understand why. Berg and Wahlberg do it again with Patriot’s Day, I hope Americans see this movie to remind themselves what is important in life, and how even at this time of great social unrest, we are all human, and all Americans. Boston Strong.