Report: Jets Finalizing Deal With Sir Nigel Thornberry

A source of mine who has been very reliable in the past tells me that the Jets have had heavy interest in acquiring Sir Nigel Archibald Thornberry, KBE since at least January.

This comes after the Jets reportedly had interest in Bears QB Jay Cutler. The Jets feel Thornberry’s ability to split the cover two down the middle, go to his third and fourth option, and play through injuries are commodities that are rarely found in today’s NFL, and definitely not in Cutler.

In addition, the Jets are impressed with Thornberry’s scouting abilities.

“Nigel can is a dual threat in the pocket,” Bowles said. “But we’re also thrilled to have Nigel around to mentor the younger folk and help recruit out of college. What he accomplished raising a daughter than can speak to animals is something we feel is translatable to a locker room environment.”

“On the contrary; I often scout all the time butt-ass naked!” Thornberry said to freelance journalist Bart Hubbuch.

Of course this means that Cutler must find a different home this season. Nigel’s previous starting job as the patriarch of nature documentary film makers “The Wild Thornberry’s” has opened up, but Nigel’s wife Marianne said on the most recent episode of  UnmutedThe National (but only in Denver and LA) Daily Podcast with Mariotti and Page, that the Thornberry’s are not thrilled with Cutler’s tendency to stare down his shots.

“Just last week we took Jay on a test run and despite there being an uncovered bear in a wide open field,” she said, “Jay didn’t even look in that direction. Instead he took a still image of a lion that had at least three trees in front of it.”