Explosive Allegations Against Former UMass Basketball Coaching Staff Surface In Public Court Documents

Image: Massachusetts Daily Collegian/Daily Hampshire Gazette

Court documents accessible to the public detail alleged domestic violence, civil rights violations, and false imprisonment by former UMass Men’s Basketball coaches and staff. The complaint was filed in the US District Court for Massachusetts, Western Division. The plaintiff is a woman who claimed to be in an intimate relationship with assistant coach Louis Roe, a former UMass player, during the 2013-14 UMass Men’s Basketball season. The woman accused Roe of various potentially violent domestic incidents, directed toward her and her unborn child, while also claiming that Roe is the father of the child. According to the complaint, Roe also detailed to the woman other nefarious acts by team staff and players, including violence and drug use.

The complaint alleges that Roe and other assistant staff members detained the woman and her young son in a coaches-only room, bringing in staff to block their exit. She alleges that assistant staff members would not let the pair leave unless they agreed to keep quiet about their own experiences with domestic violence. This alleged detention is the basis for the civil rights violation claim in the complaint.

The complaint further alleges that then-head coach Derek Kellogg, also a former UMass player, had knowledge of the incidents. Kellogg is accused of holding a meeting of the entire staff in which he instructed members not to let any of the information leak about violence or drug use within the team and its staff.

This complaint is only one side of the story, however, and the plaintiff is requesting a full trial in US District court. Named defendants were Louis Roe, Sr., Richard Hogans, Shyrone Chatman, and Derek Kellogg.






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