Only In Dreams: The Only One That Matters.

Since I’ve decided to treat John Mayer’s tour the same way I treat Star Wars movies I will not be looking at any of his social media/the Reddit page until my show next Sunday. Luckily the Boston show is only 9 days after the tour kicks off so I won’t have to wait long before I can look at other setlists and get pissed that he played Covered In Rain for a bunch of Canadians but not for me. SURPRISE ME JOHNNY!

This is the hardest one of these I’ve ever done obviously because I love hundreds of John Mayer’s song and have been a huge fan for over forty years, but also because as of now no one has any clue how this tour will be structured. Some think similar to the Where The Light Is shows, but I’ve heard scuttlebutt that it may go full band, acoustic, then Trio (and that’s the order JM stated them in the tour reveal video).

But for now because it’s hard enough to figure out what songs could go where and how many will be played in each part I’m going with the Where The Light Is structure plus a couple in each section because John’s a man. He’s (almost) 40.


* Will make me cry

** Will make me cry like the time I watched the HBO documentary Jim in a room with James Foley’s parents, or the Six Feet Under finale.

  1. Theme From “The Search For Everything” [Walk Out Song]

I’m sure it’ll be a bitchin’ instrumental and will make me party like I’m a Jedi when Order 66 was given.


  1. Emoji Of A Wave*
  2. Stop This Train**
  3. In Your Atmosphere*
  4. Something Like Olivia*
  5. Queen Of California*
  6. Man On The Side**

The Instagram video of him playing Emoji Of A Wave in the stands in Albany really turned me on to that song. And while I don’t want to hear the exact acoustic set from WTLI, Stop This Train and In Your Atmosphere are must-hears for me. The idea is that another guitarist or two will join JM at some point during this set (like in WTLI) likely around the fourth song. And Man On The Side is where the whole “Dreams” thing comes in as it may be a longshot, but so was 3-28. BELIEF! (…is what we’re fighting for…)


  1. Helpless* (could see this as a Trio song maybe?)
  2. Who Did You Think I Was*
  3. Good Love Is On The Way*
  4. Wait Until Tomorrow*
  5. I Got A Woman*
  6. Try!*
  7. Vultures*
  8. Another Kind of Green*
  9. Everyday I Have The Blues*

Could Helpless be a Trio song? Will Ryan Tannehill breakout in 2017? It’s safe to say that it’s hard to say. Besides the killer riff from Good Love Is On The Way (which seems guaranteed since the VIP package is named after it) I’d love to hear some of the songs from the Try! album that weren’t on WTLI, such as Try! (the song my dudes) and ESPECIALLY Another Kind of Green. But realistically they could play Vultures then hit the bars and I’d be satisfied.


  1. Still Feel Like Your Man*
  2. Heartbreak Warfare
  3. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room*
  4. Love On The Weekend*
  5. If I Ever Get Around To Living* (the long-ass version where he plays two guitars plz)
  6. 3×5*
  7. Wildfire*
  8. Dear Marie*
  9. Born & Raised**
  10. Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967*
  11. Covered In Rain**
  12. Edge of Desire**
  13. Wheel**/In Repair** (couldn’t decide, John pull something off here)

I made more cuts here than Barry Sanders in the ’90s or the 14-year old girls that were hooked on Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco in 2006. I like to believe this Dead & Company business will mean John can play all night, 12 songs is too little and he’ll be playing with the birds right around the time my adrenaline rush ends (or kicks off in that case).

I tried my best to structure this around the switching of the guitars but ultimately I just want to hear my favorite songs. If I Ever Get Around To Living is one of his most underrated songs (live version is biblical), I love the live version of 3×5, and I’m a HUGE B&R and PV guy so 6-9 (nice) is a me-pleaser for sure.

Then comes my favorite song of his. I’m not joking when I say that I would illegally practice medicine and get a life sentence after someone realizes that saying “I’ll absorb your pain” and hugging them like Tom on the Leftovers and charging a fixed price so that I can buy a Switch/more JM tickets isn’t medicine to hear Covered In Rain live. And I think there’s a chance. Same goes with Edge of Desire. Would give up fantasy football. Wheel would be a nice mellow closer too, before we…


  1. Clarity**
  2. Belief*
  3. You’re Gunna Life Forever In Me**
  4. Gravity**

…loop back to the beginning of the Heavier Things album and slay the crowd’s Philip Pirrip-esque expectations (of the great nature) with another one of his best, CLAHRITY! (Bill Burr voice), and throw it back to the WTLI encore with Belief.

And then all fucking awesome things must come to an end with what is clearly the best song from what we’ve heard of LP7 so far and will have me fighting off tears because I’ll be trying to save them for Gravity. There are no words I can type on to this page that will convey how that song live makes me feel.

It’s like lookin into Matt Bomer’s eyes and seeing the way they see you and realizing… “Matt Bomer thinks I’m special”.

*Everyone in room goes dead quiet, turns and looks at me*

I mean… like seein a naked chick!



***Oh I’m sure we’ll have an entire post-JM edition of Podcast AF. Look out for that around April 10/11.

BONUS: Songs I Really Really Love But Had To Cut And Make Me Feel Like I’m Picking A Favorite Child or Pokemon (its Dragonite btw… see that was hard)

No Such Thing, My Stupid Mouth, 83, Great Indoors, Not Myself, St. Patricks Day, Bigger Than My Body, Split Screen Sadness, Heart of Life, I’m Gunna Find Another You, Crossroads, Half Of My Heart, War Of My Life, A Face To Call Home, Waitin’ On The Day, You’re No One Till Someone Lets You Down, On The Way Home, Roll It On Home.