Podcast AF 3/31: YOU’RE DOUG DIMMADOME?! (ft. Goods & Services)



To say we went off the rails with our first in-studio guests would be a gross disservice to how this hangout with UMass-based band Goods & Services went. Scientifically speaking, a gathering of three or more people in a room is known as a “podcast,” and we stuffed six in here and basically talked about our favorite music, Fitz’ new “tier” system that might be the beginning of the end, and in between main points just bringing up random memes, YouTube videos, and Family Guy references like guys do.

“Interview” (if that’s even what we’re going to call this) starts at 25:35.

The first part of the show is the AF three going through some movie trailers, the Raiders movie, the most bizarre meanwhile in Florida to date, and an even bizarre-er (?) Reddit theory.