John Mayer Tour Setlist Update: DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME?

You have spent your life among the Dead…

So you may have read my magnum opus of dream setlists last Thursday and saw the lead about treating John MAYAH’S (Burr) social media like an atomic test as far as eye contact goes until the Boston show on Sunday, but anyone who follows me on SnapFace (@banana_pancakes) or the Instagram account (@podcstasfuck – no, AF is our last names but when 20-year olds see the F-bomb they follow back, scientifically proven) then you know I pulled the trigger on the Albany show and thus can remove my MAYAH chastity belt (the figurative one of course, although the literal one could be called figurative too).


At this point we’re three shows into the tour and one thing is completely clear: anything is on the table. Between the Albany and Montreal shows, there were only 6 songs in common out of the 20 on each setlist. And if you look to the Albany setlist you’ll see that not only did John say “fuck it” to Heartbreak Warfare, Half of My Heart and Who Says from Battle Studies and played the musical version of Andrew Lincoln’s character from Love Actually “Edge of Desire,” but he also pulled out “In Repair” for the first time in nine years, played DEAR MARIE (which evoked a girl scout screech from myself)…

AND (longtime readers of mine may recognize this name)

HE OPENED THE ENCORE WITH A LITTLE DIDDY CALLED “STITCHED UP.” (not on Spotify ya daft cows, hit up your boy if you want an mp3 file)


Quick history lesson, this blog was once called Stitched Up (and had a corresponding radio program) until one day I got an email from Herbie Hancock telling me he had equity in the Meerkat streaming app which we put out of business during U2’s tour (true story) and had to change the name.

When I wrote the last setlist, I didn’t even think to think about him playing “Stitched Up.” But that means I can really go off the rails with this one. And since now I know the structure of these shows and how many TSFE songs are played on average, I can make this one as eclectic yet conceivable accurate as I can.

At least for this I’m subscribing to not considering songs I heard him play in Albany, like Dear Marie, Edge of Desire, In Repair, Belief, In Your Atmosphere, Slow Dancing, STITCHED UP, etc.



  1. Wildfire
  2. Bigger Than My Body
  3. Love On The Weekend
  4. Still Feel Like Your Man
  5. Vultures

He’s played “Dear Marie” and “Waitin’ On The Day” from Paradise Valley so “Wildfire” has gotta be coming soon (wait till Sunday plz, Philly and NYC suck imo). I was slightly irked I didn’t hear Vultures at least during the Trio set but I saw the Montreal video and don’t care if it’s full band, I just want to hear it. I’m also falling back in love with LOTW (and it kind of has to be played) and got MO&GO in Albany, so I’ll opt for SFLYM here.


  1. Stop This Train
  2. A Face To Call Home
  3. Emoji Of A Wave

All I have to say is that the video of him playing Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey in Montreal was legitimately one of the most breathtaking things I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen scantly-clad photos of Zac Efron folks). I didn’t even like that song before and typically skipped it (and Love Is A Verb) on B&R but now it might be a certified bop (shoutout to the podcast BRUNCH for adding that to my vocabulary). I’d like to see what he can do with A Face To Call Home in this section.



  1. Good Love Is On The Way
  2. Another Kind of Green
  3. Route 66

As much as I’d love to hear “Crossroads” after seeing how he slays it live (specifically Pinkpop 2010), I’m itching for Good Love and for him to whip out Another Kind of Green. And remember what I said?


Whip out Route 66 and just put footage of Lightning McQueen on the big screen. Just do it John.



  1. No Such Thing
  2. Half Of My Heart
  3. Born & Raised
  4. Covered In Rain
  5. I’m Gunna Find Another You

No Such Thing is about do for an appearance and say what you want about Half of My Heart, the live version (Global Citizen Fest 2013) is not quite the Vogon poetry that some perceive the studio version to be.

I’m sure the B&R title track and On The Way Home will be dusted off in the near future, as it seems like he’s bouncing around the B&R at will.

Yes, Covered In Rain will go on every setlist until my virgin ears are deflowered.

And let’s end on a Continuum cut I haven’t heard yet 🙂


  1. Man On The Side
  2. Gravity

It seems like the first song of the encore is where the floodgates come up, and John I loved the show if its not the best concert I’ve been to then it’s 2 or 3 just because the Killers and Strokes were really damn good at Gov Ball last year BUT WHY IN YOUR NAME DID YOU NOT PLAY GRAVITY?!!?!? I have unconditional love for you like a mother who’s kid says they have a n***a pass because they have black friends and I respect that you play whatever you want, but IT WAS THE FIRST SHOW OF THE TOUR.


  1. I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea)
  2. You’re Gunna Live Forever In Me

YGLFIM is the perfect ending and I don’t want that to change, ever. But there’s no way he doesn’t do this at some point during the tour.

Since I know I’ll be attending multiple shows on this tour this whole process of elimination thing could be fun.



Would “This Is The Time” be way too deep? Very little people will know what I’m talking about. So I’ll just put a video.