Podcast FA 4/21: The Search For DAMN.



After Nudes and I did some promotion at the UMass spring tailgate and went Chris Berman hunting we decided Fitz Hattrick needed to host again. We open with that and bring back the segment “How Much Did You Drink Last Night” except for 420. Aaron Hernandez talk followed by some (ugh) SPORTS with “The Emo QB” for Phil Simms” and some quick NHL stuff.

Sean Spicer hit the Hitler button and the wildest Meanwhile In Florida to date.

ANALysis of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer and a pretty long conversation about the season premiere of the Leftovers.

Fitz talks new Kendrick and John talks new Mayer, and some Album FEVAH for The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.

Shoutout @ZooMass on Twitter for giving us some promotion and thank you to EVERYONE who listens because this is a long episode (about 90 minutes) but we deemed everything we said to be of the utmost importance.