Podcast AF 5/6: Sam’s Town v. Hot Fuss

In the course of human history, there are certain conflicts that can be seen as pivotal worldwide moments; conflicts that alter the course of history forever.

The Crusades. The American Revolution. D-Day. The Emu War. Jerry Remy against his tooth. Every other nominee in the 2000 Grammys against number one hit “Smooth” by Santana featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty off the multiplatinum album Supernatural. Lenny Dykstra against the constant urge to partake in some locker room talk.

Now, in 2017, we can add another to this notorious list: Sam’s Town v. Hot Fuss (or, as it’s known in other countries, Hot Fuss v. Sam’s Town).

A and F have been teasing it for months and privately discussing the debate between the freshman and sophomore efforts from The Killers (brought to you by way of faaaaaabulous Las Vegas, Nevada) over a few Mountain Dews ever since they met freshman year, but now we bring it to the podcast.

If you don’t like The Killers, well then first off this isn’t the podcast for you. Second, then we have a battle of the sexes since some of the LAYDEEEEEEESSSSSSSS came on, we discuss the most ideal dystopian universes to live in, some underrated actresses get the respek they deserve, and we made bigly additions BOPPAHS playlist, which is linked below. We’re now at 42 songs, and we added 20 in one episode. That’s an increase of 18000%. Don’t fact check me.

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This was the last episode of the semester, which stinks, but we’ll continue recording over the summer for y’all and adding to the playlist.