The Rams were scary…and then they signed Ndamukong Suh.

You wanted your team to sign a DB this offseason? Too bad the Rams signed all of them. They’re the NFL’s Gavin Belson. They didn’t need 5 #1 CBs on their roster, but if they took them then no one else could have them.

And they’ve done it again. Sorry Saints, but the Rams won’t let you cut 3 starters in order to sign Ndamukong Suh. They took him and slapped him on the same defensive line as Aaron Donald… just so you can’t have him.

The Rams are going to line Suh up as a NT, with Aaron Donald as the 3T to one side and Michael Brockers as the 5T to the other, and they’re going to make you pick which one of them you can’t double team. Quarterbacks are going to age out of pure anxiety. The NFC West QBs are going to run for their lives, and IF they get a throw off, one of the Lockangeles DBs will be in tight coverage.

Jimmy Garoppolo? This is what he’ll look like after one quarter:

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Sam Bradford?

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Russell Wilson?


Ndamukong Suh just puts this defense over the top in a big way.

Actual notes on this:

  • This signing sets the market for DTs. 1-year, $14M. That means when the Rams extend Aaron Donald at some point this year, his price tag will be $14M/year +1.
  • The Rams are maximizing the current window they’ve found themselves in. They need to pay Aaron Donald Sultan of Dubai money this year, Todd Gurley next, and, presumably, Jared Goff right around the corner. So they’re adding major pieces, like Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib, that they think can put them over the top.
    • Bucs JPP trade is a similar move. Except their QB stinks.
  • The joy of being a Patriots fan. Even with these pieces, the Rams are going to have to play Russell Wilson twice, Jimmy Garoppolo twice, and Sam Bradford maybe twice. The last one is more daunting than you think; Same Bradford has a history of methodically carving up good defenses.
  • As the Rams’ LB corps declines (mainly in name more than talent), they bolster up the other two position groups in an attempt to cover up that hole.
  • Shipping Alec Ogletree and Robert Quinn is part of what made this possible. They haven’t been good for a couple seasons and were on contracts bigger than Suh.
  • This gives the Rams leeway for sort of a compromise between “win now” and “invest in the future,” as is typically the goal for most teams. In the next couple years they’ll transition by letting bigger names go with the goal being to replace them through the draft, once Goff, Donald and Gurley on on big deals, with the pressure to carry a younger, cheaper squad falling on them. This is the phase the Seahawks are currently in, except they haven’t successfully replaced anyone. This is where teams like the Rams and Eagles will be in the next couple years.
  • The Rams have a lot of cap room, so I’m not calling this a bad deal. I would just like to point out that the impact of a DT can be minimal. Aaron Donald had the best game of his career against the Falcons this past postseason.
  • Suh is Suh, but the Rams signed all these DBs because they know what they’re going up against in the NFC West. Kyle Shanahan is going to get Jimmy away from Suh and Donald, so the man coverage better be tight. Russell Wilson is going to scramble as well. And Sam Bradford, contrary to popular belief, is a damn good quarterback that (when on the field) will play operation on your defense.
  • I’m not going to say that a DTs impact is minimal and point to the Ram’s wild card L  against the Falcons and say that it was Aaron Donald’s best game. the 10 other players on the field didn’t have their best game, i.e. team building. Suh and Peters aren’t going to have bad games.