The Giants shouldn’t draft a QB

Full disclosure: I got four paragraphs into this piece by Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated when I had a thought. It’s mainly a point I had that adds to Benoit’s argument, and also one he may have made later on in his piece. But I didn’t read that far and at this point won’t.

Benoit’s main point is that drafting a QB at #2 isn’t necessarily the responsible move for the long-term future of the franchise, and that Dave Gettleman should draft with a win now mentality.

I don’t agree or disagree with either method because both have their merits.

The thought I had was if the Giants draft with a win now mentality, it actually might be more responsible in the long term.


Teams have the luxury of having multiple superstar players on big contracts when their good QB is either on a cheap deal or a rookie deal: think early Russell Wilson or current Carson Wentz or Jared Goff. Eli’s $22M hit this season limits what the Giants can sign.

But not draft.

The players they draft this year would essentially be that cheap QB. They can start trying to have something that resembles an OL (as they have with the Solder signing), draft someone like Bradley Chubb and begin retooling the front 7, and go outward from there.

Next draft, or even in two years, the Giants pick that QB. The rookie is dropped into a team that is filled with talent, AND you don’t need to pay him (or her. They way we’re headed we could have non-male QBs by 2020) for another 4 years. In that time you can afford to extend players you potentially hit on in this draft and the last couple, as well as pick up some free agents.

Starting the QB as a rookie is the best method because it gives him the most time to develop on the field. As Benoit points out in one of the four paragraphs I read, the only QB in recent memory to actually pan out following sitting as a rookie is Aaron Rodgers, pending Patrick Mahomes.

This method extends the window the longest. By the time the QB is due a contract, the goal is that you’ve found yourself with an elite QB and strong group of core players whose stellar play offsets weaker positions on the roster.

It would sweeten the deal if a QB-desperate team throws a bunch of picks at them in exchange for the #2 pick.