Joe Flacco hasn’t stepped into a throw since 2013

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#17 – The Baltimore Ravens (9-7, 2nd AFC North)

September 22nd, 2013: The last time Joe Flacco stepped into a throw.


Baltimore’s Zapruder Film.

The Ravens could win the Super Bowl if they had a good quarterback. They’re The Wire if Alden Ehrenreich played Jimmy McNulty. Just look around the offense; Alex Collins is a top-5 RB in the league and defied the fact that the most of the Ravens’ OL snapped their interior ligaments prior to the season. Buck Allen could too be a starter on another team.

We all sat around waiting for the Ravens to just give in and jury rig a WR corps out of bigger-name free agents. They finally bit the bullet like Preston Broadus. It’ll likely be Michael Crabtree and John Brown on the outside with Willie Snead in the slot, with depth guys likely to come in the draft. As of now, the top TE is Nick Boyle, who’s actually ranked pretty high on PFF’s TEs ranking list despite being in the “below average” range.

With James Hurst moving from G to T, Ryan Jensen leaving for Tampa Bay, and Marshall Yanda, Alex Lewis, and Nico Siragusa coming off injury, the Ravens’ OL is a bit of a question. Ronnie Staley is expected back at LT, with Lewis and Hurst competing at RT. Yanda and Siragusa, the latter entering his de facto rookie season due to a preseason injury last year, are the expected guards. That leaves Matt Skura at C. This is all very, very tentative and likely will evolve at some point.


Movie Comparison: The Force Awakens since it returned the original cast.

Really, every starter on the defense is back. DE Brent Urban and ILB Albert McClellan were injured and are back, but in spite of those injuries the defense was still dynamite. I’m not going to go through every position group as usual, mainly because I have 15 more of these things to do in 5 days (and no one cares about the Ravens), but just a couple notes:

  • Terrell Suggs is 35, somehow still really good, but there’s no other edge rusher on the team.
  • Rookie Marlon Humphrey was amazing in the slot.
  • Eric Weddle and Tony Jefferson are a top-3 safety duo in the league.

The Ravens defense could reach the point the Vikings defense reached his past season where they can execute the scheme so quickly and on the fly that they can confuse the shit out of the opposing QB, unless it’s Nick Foles.

The best thing that can happen to the Ravens is they don’t make the playoffs this season, John Harbaugh is fired, and the next regime decided Joe Flacco is no longer their problem. Unfortunately they might accidentally make the playoffs this year and Flacco will trick the front office into extending him. Unless they actually plan to do something with RG3. Imagine if they signed Kaep?

MAJOR DRAFT NEEDS: Anything on the OL because I’m sure it can be upgraded somehow; EDGE rusher, QB (although they won’t)

Prisco’s Pickanosis:

In honor of Pete Prisco telling me I’m dumb and that I’ll fail, here’s this entry’s edition of “Prisco’s Pickanosis,” where I highlight something the Tom Brady of acting like an infant on Twitter was completely wrong about.

…there’s actually nothing I could find. Proof that even a completely daft spoon knows Joe Flacco sucks and is sinking this team.