Redskins roster returning from farm in upstate Vermont in 2018

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#23 – The Washington Redskins (7-9, 3rd NFC East)

Due to the combination of the Bruins losing game six and the inability to wrap my head around having to think about the Redskins, the level of desire to write this is at an all time low.


~In Memorium~

  • The entire 2017 Redskins offensive line
  • The first 5 RBs on the depth chart
  • Jordan Reed, like every year
  • The entire defensive line
  • Both safeties

LT Trent Williams was injured and RT Morgan Moses has two bionic ankles. Both were injured last season. Brandon Scheff is really RG as well, The LG and C positions need help.

As does just about every skill position aside from QB. Alex Smith is a very good quarterback but will have little to know supporting cast. Chris Thompson is a good receiving back and there’s whispers that Samaje Perine is just new Fat Rob Kelley.

Jamison Crowder is slightly underrated but is nowhere near what the Redskins need as a #1 WR. Josh Doctson drops more balls than Netflix does standup specials. Jordan Reed is always injured. Vernon Davis? Can’t win with him.

The Redskins let their best WR in Ryan Grant walk out the door and then spent $40M on Paul Richardson for five years. Paul Richardson! I’m not 100% positive Richardson wasn’t reliant on the pandemonium that occurred between Russell Wilson snapping the ball and Russell Wilson either being slim-jim’d 15 yards in the backfield or launching the ball for 50+ yards on a broken play in Seattle for the bulk of his production.

In addition to losing their best WR, they traded not only their best CB but one of the BEST CBs in the NFL for Alex Smith, who is good but not so much better than Kirk Cousins that the Redskins couldn’t have made the same offer to Cousins and made it fully guaranteed.

Kendall Fuller is an elite CB who was on only the third year of his rookie deal. Replacing Fuller is notable shitty CB Orlando Scandrick, who will play across from Josh Norman and outside of DJ Swearinger at SS and (at least at some point, after he marks his territory) Monae Nicholson at FS. Alright, so that’s not a horrible secondary. They play mostly a “Cover-3 squat” scheme that relies on a fast FS to help the CBs who squat on routes and are encouraged to jump them as well.

Washington’s defensive rankings paint the perfect picture of the talent level on their front 7: 9th against the pass, dead last against the run. ILBs Zach Brown and Mason Foster undoubtedly suffered from the aforementioned D.C. Defensive Line Genocide of 2017, but OLBs Ryan Kerrigan and Preston Smith helped the DBs out quite a bit, especially when both safeties went down. This could be why the Redskins justified giving up Kendall Fuller; they think the pass defense can break even and the run defense can improve when their d-line comes back from the farm in Vermont.

MAJOR DRAFT NEEDS: WR, C/LG, NT, ILB, CB depth, heir apparent TE or QB?

Prisco’s Pickanosis:

In honor of Pete Prisco telling me I’m dumb and that I’ll fail, here’s this entry’s edition of “Prisco’s Pickanosis,” where I highlight something the Tom Brady of acting like an infant on Twitter was completely wrong about.