Tom Brady Sings His Heart Out at U2 Concert in Boston

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Just when I thought I couldn’t love my favorite athlete of all-time anymore than I already do, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. goes off and does this. Flexing the golden pipes on his Instagram story during U2’s concert at the TD Garden, putting his spin on new hits and timeless classics from the boys of Dublin. Would’ve loved to hear him belt out “One.”

Brady said that he’s a huge fan of Coldplay during media day prior to this past season’s Super Bowl, a game that will not be discussed any further…

…and now he’s singing “Vertigo” and “Pride” up in everybody’s face.

It turns out that I just might be Tom Brady???? Loves Coldplay, sings his heart out at U2 concerts, I’m seeing a lot more similarities than differences here. Maybe this summer I’ll discover that I’ve got the elite physical tools to be a top notch NFL quarterback and my job search post-college will go along much better than I ever could’ve expected.

I am Tom Brady. Tom Brady is me. Here’s a scientific study proving it: a Venn Diagram of me and Tom Brady.

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Wow. Truly impactful stuff folks.

If I ever get the chance to talk with Tom Brady in my life, I now don’t think that our conversation would have anything to do with football. I think I’d ask him what his favorite U2 album is instead of having him talk about the 25 point comeback. I need to know if he¬†likes¬†The Joshua Tree or¬†Achtung Baby¬†more, not what he was thinking during the Butler interception at the goal line. Who cares what he was told before driving against the Rams to get his first ring, what’s his favorite deep cut track?

But Tom, ima keep it real with you chief.


That performance was quite pitchy to say the least. Brady’s not quite Paul Hewson, that much is clear. You can’t fault him for trying, not one bit. Maybe he had more than his fair share of gluten-free beers, maybe one too many scoops of avocado ice cream that coated his vocal chords too much, maybe Gisele stole a bit of his thunder with her dancing, I don’t know. But that wasn’t the best singing I’ve heard. Didn’t really have that special something that he usually has when he steps up in the pocket and fires a rocket over the middle for 20 yards. If I’m voting on American Idol, I’m not sending him to Hollywood. That’s probably for the better, though; he’d have more time to get ready for this next season.


Side note: I saw tickets for this show last week and they were abnormally cheap for a U2 concert. Under 100 bucks–in the nosebleeds and behind the stage, sure–is not what I expected. Intrigued, I looked at their recent setlists, and I was FLOORED to find out that not a single song from¬†The Joshua Tree made an appearance in my search. Some¬†Achtung, some¬†Unforgettable Fire, old stuff like that, but¬†way¬†too much of their new stuff. The new stuff isn’t bad (Songs of Innocence, aka the free album they put on your iPhones, is better than¬†Songs of Experience, aka the album they’re currently touring for) but how are you not gonna play anything off of your most famous album? I get that they just did a whole tour playing every single song on the album in order, but at least give us the hits Bono! It’s why I didn’t pull the trigger on buying them; the setlists didn’t convince me enough.

But Brady was there, so I’m kind of regretting my decision.